Here the answers to the most common questions we get here at Germantown Espresso Bar:
  • What are your hours? Our hours are 7-5 during the week and 8-4 on weekends!
  • How do I find you? Just type our address in to google maps! We're located at 26 Maplewood Mall in the heart of Germantown. If you're on Armat between Greene and Germantown, you'll see our big Coffee and Espresso Mural on the back of our building. We're across the street from Greene Street Friends Schools main entrance on Armat.
  • Where is your front door? OK, so the answer to this one is debatable. Technically our front door is located on the beautiful, pedestrian friendly, Maplewood Mall, right next to Germantown Radio. BUT, most people come in through our "back door" which is accessible via Armat Street. We don't care which one you use!
  • What's with all the dinosaurs and rubber ducks? What, you don't like dinosaurs? Do you hate ducks or something? Just kidding, but honestly.. who knows! These things seem to just happen.
  • How can I book a show here? Check out our Get In Touch page!
  • Is there parking nearby? A PLENTY! There are two municipal lots across the street from our back entrance, as well as plenty of on street parking (PPA just got rid of all the meters too!)
  • Whose coffee do you serve? Our house roast and espresso blend are both roasted for us by the great Rick Malwitz of Concave Coffee. Check out his website for some of his other roasts as well!
  • Can I reserve space for a meeting at your shop? Totally! Shoot us an email and we will get back to you ASAP to verify the details and make sure that we can provide the kind of space you are looking for.

If you have any other questions that weren't mentioned here, head over to our Get In Touch page and send us an email, we'll answer it as soon as we can!