The Listening Room - Upstairs at the Espresso Bar

The Listening Room is our second floor space at the café. Whether from 2017-2022 on Maplewood Mall or in our soon to come new space, during the day it serves as extra seating and a great place to have meetings or get some work done, but at night is when it really comes alive.
Once our new location is open we will bring back our open mics, community events, movie nights, and more.
At the open mics you will experience performances by people from all our great neighborhood and city. We get poets, comics, singer-songwriters, rappers, and everything in between! Sometimes new acquaintances become collaborators and new artistic projects blossom into something magical. We encourage folks to BYOB and hang out downstairs to socialize with fellow attendees, but to keep the upstairs space for what it is meant for, Listening.
Open Mic Night is always free and our weekend concerts are always pay what-you-wish with all funds going directly to the performers. Occasionally we also host community oriented meetings and events. To stay up to date on all the happenings in this space or to book a show, visit The Listening Room's Facebook page and reach out to us there or via e-mail.