Who's GEB? (hint: it's all of us)

Germantown Espresso Bar (GEB) was created and founded by Jeff Podlogar and Miles Butler in early 2017, with our first coffee shop and community space opening to the public in August of that year. Since then we've grown to be a family of more than 12 owners and employees along with an incredible community of regulars and community organizers. We spend our time conversing with our neighbors, playing with tiny dinosaurs, drinking amazing coffee(Currently brewing Many Hands Coffee's Mainstay blend), listening to and making music and art, and keeping engaged with local happenings and movements. We are a space committed to offering delicious, sustainable, and affordable coffee, locally sourced food and drinks, and a safe space for neighbors to congregate.


Our coffee shop regularly hosts community meetings and neighborhood gatherings. Our walls are always covered in art created by our amazing artistic neighbors and we're always looking for new and fun ways to be involved with and support our amazing neighborhood.


Germantown is truly a wonderful neighborhood to live and we couldn't ask for a better place to be a coffee shop.